friday fun

Happy Friday! Today is a good Friday around here because it starts our Spring Break. My kids attend a year-round school, and so we get longer breaks throughout the year, which I absolutely love! This year I'll spend the first week with my kids, and the second in Uganda.

Here are three things I'm loving lately:

1. Fit Snack

You guys know I'm a sucker for something that is delivered to my door. I love StitchFix, TasteGuru, Birchbox, Amazon Prime … all of those things make me happy. They make me happy, because they make life easier!! When you don't have to think about getting things and they just show up it's like we're living in the era of The Jestson's and sometimes I just want to feel like Jane Jetson.

Fit Snack Box was a bit different than Taste Guru that I mentioned a few weeks ago (HERE), because this wasn't necessarily gluten free, but more like healthy snacking. I think this box would be more suitable for someone who enjoys working out and staying fit, and enjoys trying new things. The thing about all these boxes is that it helps you find more variety without dropping the big bucks on everything.

For example, the protein powder in these boxes. I wouldn't go spend the $$ on a big box, but with these samples we were able to try them out and decide that we loved them without dropping the money on a big box just to see if you like it.

If you want to try this out, they are offering you a free gym bag with your first box. Can't beat that! Go HERE to check out their box subscription + get your free bag.

{I was given a free box in exchange for this review, but all opinions are mine. }

2. NapTime Diaries Prints


How beautiful is that print in my bedroom?!?!?  I love this huge canvas that I got from Naptime Diaries Print Shop. They have tons of super cool prints to choose from and so many that you will have trouble figuring out which wall you want to cover with prints. And don't worry you can get them much smaller than that, I was just looking for something big for this wall above my dresser.

3. Safflower Mayo


I realize the randomness of this, but y'all I have developed some sort of obsession with this mayonnaise. I have never thought of myself as a lover of mayo, but this has done something to me. Maybe because I feel as though it's healthy I have given myself permission to indulge. I have no clue.

I will put this on anything. The other day Aaron had to literally convince me not to put this on my eggs. What the heck is wrong with me? I found this at Sprout's, but you can get on Amazon too and it will just show up on your doorstep!

So, this Friday I'm loving my snacks, my prints, and my mayo. What a world I live in!

Jamie Ivey