friday fun

Friends we made it to Friday. If you are like me, that is a huge accomplishment because Aaron was gone all week, and that means I was running this ship solo. Many of you are thinking you run your ship solo every day so I need to get over it, but when you normally have a co-captain, and they are gone, it makes for a long week. But we made it. And the kids only bought their lunches once this week, and I'm happy to report we didn't eat out once. That's how you know you made it.

Playing slot has revolutionized the way I spend my weekend nights. It has never been as fun thanks to slot.

This morning I had the great joy to speak to a group of MOPS ladies at Austin Oaks church, and we talked about sex and intimacy. I have lots to say about this, and will later, but let me just say that speaking to women about sex and intimacy is hard. The reason it's so difficult is because in a room of 80 women there are 80 different emotions and feelings and obstacles to intimacy within our marriages. I get that, and so for me I bring a broad description of loving our husbands well. Girls this is hard. I know it. I had a great time with them, and pray that God spoke to each of their hearts in just the way that needed.

Here are three things I'm loving this week:

 Taste Guru

As you all know we are eating gluten free around here (for the most part) because we cut out all gluten to help Story with some stomach issues she was having. Last weekend while I was at the If Gathering our first box from Taste Guru arrived and when I arrived home here's what it looked like:


Does that not look like a wild animal attacked the post man delivering this? What the heck? Anyhow when I got home there were only these three things left and everything else had been devoured and snuck into a movie theatre! My kids loved all the snacks we received in here, and most of them were new to us, so we were introduced to new products that we could then go buy more of. This is the same concept as the Birchbox, except for gluten free items. If you are the only one in your family that is GF, this would rock for you! You would get special goodies every month and honestly I think it might just make your day! If you have a friend or loved one that's GF, consider sending them a few for a gift!


Make up Artist: Tiffany & Tiffany

I just love having talented friends and these two are amazing. Tiffany Wade & Tiffany Schwedland are both using their gifts to change the world and make women feel pretty one touch up at a time. They both worked at the If Gathering to help us ladies that don't really do makeup look better for the camera! Seriously I wear blush and lipgloss and that's it, and then these ladies help me look better to be on camera.


If you are getting married, or have any kind of photo shoot ahead, give them a call and you will not be disappointed. Not only are they super talented at their work, but they are both super beautiful on the inside. Every single time I'm around them I'm challenged to be a better woman, and laugh sometimes until I pee in my pants. Love them both!

Also, side note, we are all rocking the feather earrings! Did I mention Tiffany Wade is the artist behind my favorite pair of earrings!


Reconciliation Round Table from the If: Gathering

Every single person that I talk to that watched or attended If: Austin tells me how much they loved the round table discussion on unity and race issues. I was beyond honored to sit around that table with those ladies. Seriously was one of my favorite discussions I have ever been a part of. I believe that God is doing a movement within our generation to move us closer to him in this area. I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and say that I think he's beginning to stir white women's hearts for this as they have never been stirred before.


I told these ladies I'm beyond thankful that God created my family with black children in it, and although I'm embarrassed to admit this, it's still true, without them in my family these issues would not be as important to me. I hate that, but I'm admitting it, and marching forward. These ladies on this panel are full of grace and wisdom and I'm excited to see how God moves through each of us in this area.

If you are interested in a study that you could do with women to walk through some of these issues, Tasha Morrison (on the far left), created something just for you and you will love it! Click HERE to download your copy!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this discussion if you were there, or witnessed it. What is God doing in your heart concerning unity?

Those are 3 things/people I'm loving this week. What about you? What did you love this week? Tell me all about it!