friday fun

It's Friday people. That should bring a smile to you face. Tomorrow I get to sleep in and I'm so excited! Literally every day this week when my alarm has gone off I have grumbled that I just want to sleep in. I love sleeping in, and let me tell you that this is one area that big kids rock! My kids are great about entertaining themselves until we wake up. Momma out there with babies … it will come. Just wait!

Here are a few things I'm loving on this Friday:


Whiskey Coffee. Why yes I know that sounds weird and a bit odd to be thinking about whiskey in the morning when you make your coffee, but this is really good. I opened up this bag last weekend and thought I would hate it, when in fact I liked it a lot. We use a lot of the coffee from District Roasters and we're fans.


Two things about the photo above that I want to tell you that I'm loving.

#1 my  new shirt from Stitch Fix. It's the perfect mix of casual, but yet a bit dressy with the satin back. I'm in love and it's just my style! I also got an amazing cardigan that I'll get a picture in next time I wear to share. Oh how I'm still loving my stitches.

#2 I had the privilege of interviewing Jessica Honneger (in the middle) and Jalia Muwanga for the Influence Network podcast and I loved our time together. I think you will love the podcast as well and highly recommend you giving it a listen. Both of these women are changing the world around them and I loved getting to hear their struggles and successes as they build businesses that are impacting their communities.

Listen: HERE


Vessel Coworking. As you might have seen, Aaron gave me a gift certificate to this coworking space for 2015. It was one of the most thoughtful gifs he has ever given me.  If you someone that just needs a day here and there to get out of a coffee shop, or your dining room table, then Vessel would work perfectly for you. I'm trying to write more and so once a week (hopeful) I'm trying to get to Vessel to get more done than if I were at a coffee shop, or at home where there's always something domestic to do everywhere I look. They'd love to have you, and your first visit is free. If you live in Austin, check them out! I'm a fan!

Those are three things I'm loving this week! I hope that your Friday and your weekend are amazing!

What three things are you loving?