friday fun

It's Friday friends! We made it through the week. Those of you that were snowed in this week, I'm sorry. What a terrible week. For those of us in Austin, congrats we had another amazing week full of sun and no snow! Actually a friend of mine posted a pic of her laying out on her balcony in a bikini this week, and my first thought was, “wow, now you've really pissed off everyone in the Northeast”.

Here are my three favorite things this week in no particular order:

The Root Collective Shoes


A few months ago I received a new pair of shoes from The Root Collective that I not only love, but get so many compliments on. These shoes are actually made in Guatemala by a man named Otto, and they are so comfy. Seriously I love them, and could they be any cuter? I just saw on their IG account that they are having a sale this weekend on their teal shoes. 30% off just for you this weekend!


Head over to their site HERE and use the code 30OFFTEAL for your discount. Those would be a super cute addition to your Spring wardrobe, and it just feels nice wearing clothes that you know were ethically made around the world.


The Popcast's Guide to the Oscars

I'm not a huge fan of award shows (I know, you just gasped), but I do like the ones about movies. I love going to the movies, but let's be completely honest here, I don't hardly ever go to the movies. When Aaron and I were dating, we went to the movies a lot. It was like our thing. But now, if we get a night out I usually don't feel like sitting in a movie when we could be talking over dinner. So, we usually see movies months after they come out. Today I downloaded the GUIDE TO THE OSCARS from a new podcast I recently found, and I actually feel more educated about the movies that are up for awards this Sunday.

If you are like me and have seen very few movies this year, you might enjoy this $2 downloadable pdf jam-packed with information about what will go down on Sunday night.



My Noonday Trunk Show

You guys that haveĀ been here long enough know that I love Noonday! I have always loved Noonday because my friend, Jessica, started it and I'm so proud of her. I've also always loved Noonday because they make super beautiful jewelry. BUT this past January I was the emcee at their National conference, Shine, and I fell in love with this company in a new way.

Interviewing Daniel for the Noonday Conference.

Interviewing Daniel for the Noonday Conference.

While I was there I was able to interview Jalia & Daniel, who were actually Noonday's first artisansĀ that they began purchasing jewelry from and now I am forever in love with their business model. Noonday pays their artisans upfront and commits to a long term partnership with them. What that means to the women and men around the world making jewelry is that they can count on the income and the orders to continue from Noonday, and that's a big deal when you are running a business in a developing country.

Jalia (creator of Africa Style) Jessica (creator of Noonday Collection), and I at the Noonday Conference 2015.

Jalia (creator of Africa Style) Jessica (creator of Noonday Collection), and I at the Noonday Conference 2015.

The Spring line launched this past week and I hosted a show at my house for all my friends. I love sharing the great products with them and I especially love sharing the mission behind Noonday with them. If you have never hosted a Noonday party, you should because you actually earn free product by being a hostess. It's a win/win for everyone. If you live in Austin, my friend Krista would love to help you, and if you live anywhere else, go HERE and someone will contact you.



Fun show when the founder gets to stop by!


There are my 3 favorite things this Friday. What are you loving?

Tell me about it! Have you ever had a Noonday show? You having one this Spring? Have you heard of The Root Collective? Will you watch the Oscars?

Jamie Ivey