I told y'all that I needed a cleanse and you guys gave me some great ideas.  I'm happy to say that I found one and have drug a few friends into this week as well.  Most of the ones you guys left in the comments all cost money and I wasn't willing to do that just yet, so I went with this one that I found online called THE FRESH FRUIT CLEANSE.  I've done the Master Cleanse several times and have really liked it, was able to do normal stuff and have energy, but when it comes down to it I missed eating so badly when I was on it.  After a few days you are truly not hungry, but for the love you just want to chew something.  This time I'm gonna be chewing.


I was gonna do seven days but then I remembered that my in-laws are coming in this weekend and truly who wants to be on an all fruit cleanse when you have company?  Not me.  So, I'm gonna do the macrobiotic eating tomorrow and then cleanse for three days.  I know that's super lame and I need to do more, but this is all I got in me right now.


I downloaded the book yesterday and skimmed through it all today, skipping all parts about yoga and what the fruit actually does for you (might need to know that, but I'm on a time crunch here – starting tomorrow!) and got straight to the what do I actually eat part.   It's not going to be that bad.  Oh and did I mention I don't really like fruit.  Yes, that's true.  Apples and banannas are about all I'll eat.  That's why I make smoothies to get more fruit in me.


Tomorrow I'm easing in with a Green Protein Smoothie for breakfast, some grilled chicken and rice for lunch and a salad tomorrow night, because did I mention I'm meeting friends at my favorite Mexican food place in town.  Yes, self control here I come.  No chips.  No salsa.  No mexican martini.  I say this all while I chant “you can do it, you can do it, you can do it”.  I mean truly it's five days of my life.  Get over it Jamie.


So …. this also includes a salt water flush.  Oh yes you know what I'm talking about.  I've done it before and I'll do it again.  Fun times my friends.  Really fun times!


Okay so back to this protein green smoothie.  I thought I knew what I was doing with smoothies.  I mean I add spinach to mine, carrots, fruits, protein powder, greens, frozen banana's – I know how to make a good smoothie.  Oh no my friends.  The recipe for this one included no less than 4 ingredients that I had never heard of.  Here's the recipe:

3 tbsp spirulina – #1 thing I've never even heard of

1/4 cup raw cacoa – okay I've heard of it.  never bought it.

1 tbsp maca powder – #2 what the heck is this?

1-2 tbsp coconut oil – yes we cook with this and use in Story's hair.  Very multi-purpose around here.

2 tbsp hemp protein powder or raw hulled hemp seeds – #3 I thought hemp was a necklace

2-3 tsp flax seed oil

2 frozen bananas

3 cups filter water – um my tap water will be just fine, right?!?!

3 tbsp agave nectar

2 tsp milk thistle – #4 what the heck is this item

Place all in a blender and blend until smooth!


I hauled me and all my kids all over Whole Foods tonight and finally found all this and my grand total for the smoothie items were …. $93.69 – Yes my friends I would not lie to you about this.  Oh my stinking goodness!  All I have to say is that this hemp and milk thistle better last me a long dang time and I better feel glorious each morning!


On a serious note, I do hope that this cleanse makes me feel better.  I'm drinking a glass of wine tonight, ate almost a half a block of cheese, and was so tempted to make coffee just because I know that starting tomorrow I can't have any of these things.  It's good for me.  I need more self control and discipline in my life.  I'm mostly concerned with what makes me feel good in the moment when it comes to food and that's a super bad habit to have when you are trying to be healthy and not blow up like a balloon every time life gets hard.


I also found a site that explains a detox bath.  Have any of you ever done this?  I'm thinking about throwing this in this week as well.  I love a nice calming bath and to think that I could be detoxing as well.  I also used one of my body wrap applicators last night.  It is supposed to detox your fat cells from the inside and keep working all week as I drink lots of water to flush toxins out.  I did notice a difference and I'll do it again on Tuesday night.  You think I could overdose on detoxing products?  Am I overreacting to a few weeks of bad eating?


So, tomorrow I'm starting a week of self discipline and cleaning out my body.  Anyone joining?  Leave me a comment HERE and let me know if you are joining.  Maybe you just want to be disciplined this week in your eating in one way.  That's awesome.  Small steps people.  Leave a comment HERE and let me know what small step are you taking this week to be more self-disciplined in your eating habits.

Jamie Ivey