One of my favorite conferences that I've ever been to is the VERGE conference.  Not just because my husband led worship there (and is again in 2012), or that the director of Verge lives down the street from me, oh no I loved it because there was a massive amount of great speakers and great content.  It can't get better than that.

Look at this phenomenal list of speakers for 2012 …

Dr. John Perkins – can he please join me and my family for Thanksgiving dinner?  I want to hear all he has to say!

Matt Carter – awesome.  pastor at the Stone where we go to church

David Platt – met him a few times.  great guy.  great speaker.  i need to read his book.

Bob Lupton – read one of his books.  seems full of wisdom

Jen Hatmaker – oh gracious love her.  i feel kinda honored to say that not only do i love every book of hers i've ever read, but we're friends.  she's awesome and real.
there are tons more ….. these are the ones I can't wait to hear!


VERGE 2012 is going to be in one of the best cities in America.  Wanna guess where that is?


If you guessed Portland, you are so close.


San Diego, no.


NYC, oh my I wish.


It's in …..


AUSTIN!  I'm so happy that VERGE will be here so that it will be super easy for me to attend, and I want you to know that if you are an out of towner you could get to VERGE for FREE.


Yes, I said F-R-E-E.  Not much is free these days, but the people of VERGE have lost their mind and want to send someone for FREE.  Plane tickets, hotel and all.


Gotta love that.


Here's what you need to know:

The Verge 2012 Blog Contest will award over $2012 in total prizes to 16 winners! Anyone with a blog can win!


Prizes up for grabs

[+] Grand Prize (1 winner): Free Trip to Verge 2012 = Free Verge 2012 Ticket + Free Travel (lodging for 2 nights + round-trip airfare up to $350)

[+] 2nd Place Prize (5 winners): Free Ticket to Verge 2012

[+] 3rd Place Prize (10 winners): Media Access Card to Verge Conference videos ($750 value)

The 16 people with the most number of votes on our Facebook poll in the Verge 2012 blog contest poll WIN! (i.e. the most votes wins the Grand Prize, the next 5 with the most votes get the 2nd prize, and the next 10 get the 3rd prize.)


How To Enter

(1) Share this post on Twitter and Facebook (VERGE post, not DreamingBigDreams post)

(2) Share the Verge Conference 2012 website on Twitter and Facebook

(3) Write a post on your blog with the following 2 things:

[+]  Describe why you want to go to Verge 2012

[+]  Include a link to (and you can use these images and other goodies in your entry)

(4) Add a comment to this blog post with a link to your blog entry



You have one week to enter this contest with a blog entry. Add a comment with a link to your blog entry before next Tuesday 11/22 at 11:59pm CDT.

IMPORTANT: Voting will take place via Facebook on the week following.

All valid entries will be compiled into a poll that will be posted on Facebook. The Verge 2012 Blog Contest poll opens for one week only — from Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011 until Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 11:59pm CDT. Every vote counts!

Easy? Yes! Ready? Set? Go!


PS: by the way, early registration for Verge 2012 ends soon on 11/30 – get best discounts for groups of 6 or more @ $79 or less!

Contest Rules Fine Print: Winners will be contacted via email associated with the comment of the blog entry link. Verge Network organizers reserve the right to review and reject blog entries deemed to be conflicting with Verge Network values. Please address questions via email to info [at] All decisions are final. Verge is for everyday people and leaders who are pursuing the mission of God with the gospel in their context. Verge leaders and churches are engaged in the mission of God, centered around the gospel, in community, and understand the value of staying connected.


I just took that straight from the VERGE website so that I wouldn't steer anyone in the wrong direction!  Now I'm not entering because I know a really cute guy that's gonna sneak me in back stage, but I'm telling you folks you could win.  Someone has to win and why can't it be YOU!


Have fun!  Share VERGE on fb, twitter and blog about it.  Oh my gracious I hope that someone that reads my blog wins.  That would just be fun!

Jamie Ivey