YES I am a freaked out mom. I freak out. I overreact. I assume the worst. I think that my child always has the one illness that no one has discovered yet and if I don't take them to the doctor they will die within 20 minutes. I freak out!

Today was no different. Little Boy woke up feeling kinda grumpy and so he took a nap from 9:30 to noon. We had to wake him up so that he wouldn't sleep through lunch. He felt so hot and had a fever of 103.8 – that freaked me out! We gave him tylenol and offered lunch, which he ate none and drank none. After lunch he laid on either his mommy or daddy all day long. About 1:30 he fell asleep on my chest and we put him back to bed. At four we woke the boys up and he felt hot again – 102.9 – ugh I HATE fevers and always overreact!

I rushed to the store for ibuprofen and came home to a cranky and hot boy. Did I mention I hate fevers? I hate fevers.

I read online that you should just watch them and if it goes down after each dosage then they are doing fine. It has to run its course and could probably be an infection that the fever is fighting.

So, I FREAK out and Aaron finally says for me to go just so I'll feel better. I'm worried about an ear infection or some MAJOR disease that has yet to be discovered and my child has it.

I take him to the clinic close to our home that is super nice and great to have so close to us. They are super nice and in a very polite way advised me to go home and love on him and make sure he drinks and makes wet diapers. They said to make sure his temp goes down with medicine and that he doesn't get dehydrated.

So, $15 later I've been told that nothing can be done to help him. This is just like me. I want a quick fix to most things. If something is wrong, let's fix it. That's my philosophy. Sometimes I want the answer NOW. It is kinda like me wanting a “real” job. I want it NOW. I want it NOW. I want it NOW. When really God may be saying … hold on Jamie. Listen to me. Follow my direction and my time table. I know the desires of your heart, but it may not be the right time for you now.

So, now I'm home loving on my little boy as he has yet again fallen asleep on my chest as I type this. So, if you think about him, pray that my Little Boy sleeps well tonight, that his fever keeps going down, that we get him to drink even if we have to get it in him with a syringe (which the doc gave me for this reason), and that his mom doesn't freak out all the time!