I made a grocery trip today to my local Publix for one tomato and of course end up spending $70.  Maybe this is why Aaron doesn't let me grocery shop.

We did get some very exciting pull ups for our little boy.  I have decided that our trip tot he beach in a few weeks will be more fun with no swim diapers!  Those things are so expensive.  Tomorrow we begin the training and are home all day.  I think he'll sit on the potty every 30 minutes and we'll see how things go!  My next two weeks will be full of potty training, which I HATE doing!

After we checked out the nice young man that was helping us probably went home and cried himself to sleep.  You see, my four year old wants to point out anything that he thinks is “different”.  This is fun and a great learning experience for some things, but sometimes it is just not fun.  I remember the time he called a man in Target with a patch over his eye a pirate complete with pirate noises and hand motions.  Makes sense to a four year old, right.  I remember the time he asked me why a woman was so big and she heard him.  Not a fun time for a mommy who is rather embarrassed.

So back to the man bagging our groceries today.  He was a nice young high school guy trying to earn a few extra bucks and here comes this four year old ruining his day.  Cayden looks at him while I'm watching my groceries go into the cart and then looks at me and asks, “mommy what are all those red dots on his face?”  Oh yes he did.  I look at the nice young man to see what red dots he is speaking of and oh yes those are zits he is talking about.  This nice young man is clearly struggling with acne and now my four year old is bringing it back to his attention again, as if he doesn't remember every day of his life.  I was stunned and had no idea what to say.  My groceries weren't all in the cart or I would have just gotten out of their quickly, so I tried ignoring him.  Yeah, not so good.  He asked again, and this time louder since he obviously assumed I didn't hear him the first time and this time he even points to make sure i really know what he's talking about.

Oh my … what is a mom to do?  I just told him to be quiet while I checked out and wanted to crawl under the cart and not look the guy in the eyes.  Then the sweet young man asked if I would like help to my car.  I was thinking “are you freaking kidding me, my sweet, innocent, little four year old just told the whole store about your acne problem and you still want to help me?”  Instead I just politely refused and wished him a good day.

We had a conversation on the way home about how when we see things that are different we should not mention them right then and then just ask mommy about them later.  Cayden didn't get it and I didn't even know how to explain to him that some things we just don't yell out to the whole world to hear.  It's hard teaching a four year old to have some couth when speaking to people.

Oh what is a mom to do?