I'll be honest… we have no idea when/why we chose to adopt through foster care.

We knew that we wanted to adopt, and had no idea where to start. We knew the number of orphans was growing in our own city, and thought to ourselves, “Why wouldn't we start here?” From there, we had no idea where to go. Having a newborn baby wasn't super important to us, so even though we considered domestic, we didn't really feel God pulling us in that direction.
Someone had mentioned a local agency to us, Arrow. We really knew nothing about it, but just made an appointment to meet up with them and pick their brains. From that meeting, we discovered that they dealt mostly with foster care. We knew nothing about fostering, but decided to go ahead and attend their monthly orientation for more information. They told us that everyone who goes to the orientation leaves either saying, “This is definitely not for us”, or “When can we start?”
They were absolutely right! We sat through about 2 hours of extremely honest information and facts. We knew right then and there that this was the journey we were going to take. I don't think that we ever actually discussed it or sat down and made a firm decision… we just knew. We started retaining numerous hours of training, filling out loads of paperwork, scheduling house inspections, etc. We continued this for 8 months before we ever signed our license. Ten days later, we received a call. Nine hours later, we had a newborn baby boy. We loved him unconditionally for nine months, and then were extremely blessed to officially adopt him into our family.
Kim Ellis lives in Austin with her super talented drummer of a husband, Philip, and their precious little boy, Caleb. She loves photography, music, design, finger nail polish, and all things striped. You can follow her blogging at Eat Love Adopt, or check out her photography at Coati Photography.