Friends I'm sitting in an airport and feeling the feelings that those of you that travel often when things aren't working how you want them to. I actually love flying because it means I'm going somewhere (obviously), and doing something that is usually fun. Today I'm traveling to Indianapolis, which side note here is apparently not abbreviated Indie, but rather Indy. I was very politely corrected on Instagram, which I'm thankful for because the last thing I want to do is upset the locals before I even arrive on the scene.

Anyhow … back to flying. My flight is delayed because the computers are down. In fact every single computer in the entirety of DFW is down. I promise you I have had flashbacks to scenes from The Walking Dead no less than 10 times in the past 20 minutes. When things stop working people get chaotic, and the last thing I want to be a part of is a people eating frenzy at the airport.

Okay that might be a bit overly dramatic, but point is I'm stuck at the airport with no working computers and although they haven't mentioned this to us yet (why give more bad news to us?), I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the A/C is out as well because I'm sweating like crazy, and regretting the decision for the natural deodorant I applied this morning.

But the point of this post is not about my delayed flight and overly sweaty and possibly stinky arm pits, but yet I wanted to say THANK YOU to you guys for something from a while ago. When my 50th episode of The Happy Hour went live you guys were champs about commenting and reviewing on iTunes and because of all those downloads, comments and reviews I landed myself smack dab in the #3 spots on the iTunes charts for Christian podcasts. Can you even believe it?!?!?  Craziness is what that was. I literally was on cloud nine all day.


Then that cloud nine got even better when I found myself at the #117 spot for ALL FREAKING PODCASTS ON ITUNES. Yes I'm screaming that statement and using freaking (sorry Mom) because it is just that exciting. Guys out of all the shows in the world (maybe overly dramatic?!??!) mine ranked in the top 120 for a few hours (could have been minutes, but we're sticking with hours here). I literally couldn't believe it.


Many of you commented when I made the top 3 that Joel Osteen needed to be taken down. No offense to him and his sweet Victoria, I'm sure they are the nicest people ever in their gigantic mansion in Houston preaching prosperity to whoever will listen (too much? Sorry!). I took this screen shot a few days later to show you all that for a few hours Joel was not #1, but yet #3. I wanted to be the one to beat him out, but I think I'll need a few more (thousands upon thousands) downloads to make that possible.


All joking aside THANK YOU all so much for listening, reviewing and rating. You seriously make this job so much fun and rewarding. I'd be stupid if I didn't ask you to go review, rate, and subscribe to the show if you haven't. It really makes a difference. Like put me in the #3 spot for days (okay now I'm overboard) because of all of your reviews/ratings/subscribing.

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Oh and the computers are back up ….. INDY here I come!