All three of my boys are playing flag football and thank you to the angels above who set it up like they did, all three boys are on the same team!  That means one practice night and one game.  Oh can we get a HALLELUJAH right now!

I love football and if I had my dream come true all three of my boys would play on the same college team and Aaron and I would own an RV and travel around behind the team bus.  As if teams ride a bus, but you get the point.  I would have three big buttons on my shirt with each of their smiley faces on them.  I would also have a shirt that had all three of their numbers on it, and if anyone in the stands talked smack about my boys … oh don't even try.

Okay, so you are thinking I'm psycho.  Don't worry, Aaron reminds me of this all the time when I think about my kids playing college sports.  Anyhow … we started flag football season this year and I'm loving it.  Deacon is a machine at pulling flags, Cayden caught a ball and ran for a touch down, and Amos pretty much does kart-wheels in between each play!

Story loves football games and practices because it's right by the park and she pretty much monopolizes the swing the entire time.  No time to share with other kids.  She's actually learning to swing herself because mom and dad are too into the game!

The football players all ready for the big game!  Bad mom alert:  I forgot to get an individual picture of Amos before the game.  I'll make it up next time!

Amos in the pocket getting a pass off!

Deacon going for the flag!  He was a flag pulling machine!


Jamie Ivey