International adoption is hard for many reasons, but one reason is because you feel as though you miss so much.  I missed Amos’ first words, I’ll miss Story’s first words, I missed Amos’ first steps, and I’ll more than likely miss Story’s first steps.  This is hard for me, but there’s nothing I can do about it and it is just a part of the game.  I don’t like it but I have accepted it.

God was so good to me yesterday and granted me two firsts.  I’m totally assuming, but I don’t think Amos has ever been on a swing set before.  I enjoyed watching him and Aaron swing as it was probably a first that God gave me to experience.

Last night Story was sitting up and she moved onto her belly got up on her knees and eventually was army crawling to her toy.  First time.  At Licia’s the other day she would get up and rock but never went anywhere.  I saw it for the first time.

God was so gracious to me yesterday.  The kids are good.  Amos is a hoot and Story is great.  She got up twice last night and that’s not too bad for a 5 month old.