Aaron and I are away this weekend and I just spent two hours by the pool while Aaron does business stuff!  I have a new bathing suit and now have a red chest and tan lines to prove I was in the sun today!  It was glorious.  I am a fan of a pool, good book, and silence.  I fell asleep numerous times and loved every minute of it.  I got back into my book ATONMENT on the plane and have about 100 pages left in it.  It has gotten my attention again and I'm hoping to finish this weekend.  🙂

I'm loving a day of rest and relaxation.  This make two get away weekends in one month.  What a month for us!  We have been blessed this month and once again the Shingleton family is amazing!

Have a fabulous weekend.  Enjoy Easter with your loved ones.  I have been thinking lots this weekend about what Christ did for me and is still doing for me.  Cayden has learned about Easter at CBS bible study and I love that he tells me about Jesus praying, dying on the cross, then the rock was there and then it was gone.  Then Deacon joins in and they  shout JESUS IS ALIVE.  Yes He is indeed.

Happy Easter.

Jamie Ivey