This morning didn't go as I had planned. I woke up when Aaron left early this morning and then my alarm went off at 6am and can you believe it but I turned it off and rolled over. What? Am I in college not wanting to go to class or what? I think I thought today was still summer and not the first day of school!


*Look at those big kids. Cayden started 1st grade and Amos started kinder. They were both so excited! I have no idea why Amos insists on buttoning his shirt all the way to the VERY top or why he rolls his pants, but I will not battle about those things!!!!

My sweet friend, Kelly, showed up and saved my life. She helped me get the kids ready and somehow we made it out the door by 7:30 and were on our way to our first day of school at our brand new school! I didn't even get a shower. Do I look as though I just work up 25 minutes earlier? Oh my!


I had every intention of fixing a “special” breakfast today and spending time praying with the kids for their school, their teachers and their first day and none of that happened. That bummed me out lots, but don't worry we'll get that in tomorrow morning! As if I can't pray for them every day and not just before school, but you know how it is when you have something planned and it doesn't happens can bum you out.

BUT … we made it to school and the kids were so excited!!! They were jumping up and down and so pumped to get to school! I loved it.


We showed up to school and it was chaotic in there. Everything is different in our new neighborhood. There were still dozens of kids still getting registered on the first day and that made for lots of madness. I finally figured out that Cayden wasn't even listed on a class list. We finally got that figured out and he was still in Ms. Spivey's class. We found his class and he walked right in and made himself at home. Cayden is going to do a great job. I saw his teacher before I left and she said he was doing great. They were walking to lunch and Cayden was the line leader and he was happy to see me and gave me a big hug and seemed to be doing great. I can't wait to hear all about his day!

Here is Cayden last year:


Here he is with his new teacher:


Amos' teacher is great! We met her last week and told her our story and she was so gracious to invite me into the classroom for the first few days to help with the adjustment. Oh my heart just leaped bounds when she said that. I was so happy to be able to help Amos transition and feel safe in his classroom.

Within 15 minutes of us being in there Amos leaned over and told me he wanted to go home and didn't like school. I think he was overwhelmed. I mean I was overwhelmed and I'm 32 years old! There were so many kids in there and it seemed like every 5 minutes a new student that wasn't on the roster showed up!!! Parents were everywhere and Ms Sunny was doing her best to get everyone's name hats on and ready to go. It was crazy. Soon enough things evened out and he was enjoying himself.

Ms Sunny is great and is so aware of his needs and the fact that he has never been in a setting like this before. I'm grateful for her and know that Amos will do great.


Ms Sunny putting his hat on his head!


By an hour in Amos was all smiles and having a great time!


Amos eventually got brave enough to go to the front and play the guitar with his teacher. He was so cute and I guarantee tonight he'll want to put a pick (is that how you spell it) in his backpack for next time he plays!


I love that Ms Sunny plays the guitar to sing with the kids!

I just spoke to Aaron and it is so weird that two of our kids are at home napping and two are at school learning! Wow does time fly. It seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant with Cayden and freaking out about how we could ever be parents and now we are parents to four and two are in school. Oh my gracious! I love my kids so much and now will be praying heavily for Ms Sunny & Ms Spivey throughout the year. Hopefully we can have them all over to our house for dinner sometime this fall. What fun!

I hope that if you had kids starting school today that it went fabulous!

Jamie Ivey