Last Saturday I finished my fourth half marathon.  Even though I started my training in July, I ended my training very poorly.  I don't know why I feel the need to make sure everyone knows that my training sucked badly towards the end.  I'm pretty sure I'm full of pride about running and desperately want to be a “runner” that trains well and runs well that I need to let you know how bad I trained so somehow you'll think better about me even finishing.  Ha!

*JoAnna, myself, Becca, Laura & Sarah after the race

Aaron and three of the kids joined me for this race.  They cheered me on at the finish and it is always good to see your kids at the finish line.  There is just something about kids cheering for their parents that makes me so happy.  In fact it can bring tears to my eyes when I see MY KIDS cheering on their mom.  What a joy that is!

I finished 2:14 and sure enough threw up at the finish line.  That's so funny to me!  It seems fitting though since I threw up for every single run for the first few weeks of my training.  🙂

Whenever I tell people that I've run half marathons their first question is always if I ever want to do a full.  My answer is YES, but I don't know how people train for those things with kids at home.  How the heck do you go run for that many hours in a day?  I also tell them that since I've done four half's I'm pretty sure that somehow adds up to TWO Full's!  Right?