Here's an update on Fedna and our weekend.
We went back to doctor on Thursday and he said her back looks great. He still wants her to stay off of her back for one more week, so we need to make it through Wed night and then she's good to go! It is getting harder and harder to keep her on her belly. Tonight I found her sitting up on the couch moving her arms and quacking like a duck – she was watching Barney of course!!

So in the car she has to wear this special device and lay on the seat in the back. Here's what it looks like:



Fedna went to her first fundraiser this past weekend. We drove up to Dallas to attend a dinner put on by a family and all the money benefits REAL HOPE FOR HAITI. How cool is that?! Fedna was there and enjoyed her time. She loved the spinach and artichoke dip – she is just like me!


This was her first meal to eat sitting up in over 2 weeks. I wasn't going to make her lie on the floor and eat at this dinner, so she got to sit up! She seemed to like it, but it seemed weird for her to sit up!

She also visited her first Bounce House this weekend! Nope she didn't get to bounce, but she enjoyed watching Cayden and Deacon. We didn't get to stay the whole time because Fedna got a little overwhelmed, which is to be expected. It was overwhelming for me!

We were visiting Amy, Jack & Mabry and we got to tag along to a birthday party for Jack's friend.




She was smiling most of the time, but this was taken right before we left and she was DONE.

I also did Fedna's hair tonight for the first time since we've been home from the hospital. I”ve just been letting it go and putting a head band or clip in. I love it when it's not done, but I thought I would fix it up for church. The parts aren't that even, but it's done! She laid here the whole time. What a sport!


Another first happened on Thursday night. Thursday night was the first time since she's been here that she hasn't cried/screamed while falling asleep. Each night she'll scream/cry (no tears though) as she falls asleep. Not the whole time, but just scream a little, quiet a little. I usually go in about every 10 min for about 25-40 minutes each night. She doesn't ever cry, just seems mad. Now she just goes to sleep. I'm so happy for her.

Fedna has 13 more days here in Texas with us. She has changed my life. I love this little girl so much. It has been SO HARD for me to care for her and put my life on hold, but I wouldn't change it a bit. I'm not going to lie, I look forward to coming home from Haiti and having my life back, but I will miss her sweet face. I will miss her voice calling for me all day long. I will miss her hilarious laugh. I will miss her asking to watch Barney all day long. I know my kids will miss her too. They really do love her. I can only pray and hope that Fedna will have a small memory of us and can remember the love we had for her while she is here.

Jamie Ivey