YIPPEE! Fedna will be here on THURSDAY night. Yes you read that right. Thursday, as in two days from now Thursday!

Any folks out there with clothes that we can borrow? We need dresses (comfy not churchy!) and tights/leg warmers for our sweet little girl. She will be 3 in January and I don't know her height or weight. So, I'm guessing 2T or 3T stuff. I know that's a whole years difference, but we'll make it do!

If you have stuff we can borrow, be sure and put your name on it so I can get it back to you. Don't let me borrow anything that you would be devastated if you didn't get back. You just never know!

I have a page on the blog that is just for needs that we might have while she is here.

Life is about to get C.R.A.Z.Y!!!!