I can't even begin to descibe how much I love this man. He has changed my life and together we have had so much fun with each other.

When we first met he was a youth pastor and not my “type”, but I thought he was hilarious and cute. I also valued his relationship with Christ and knew that he was maybe not the man for me, but I would be very happy with someone like him. 🙂 We didn't start dating immediately (I had a boyfriend that turned to fiance, but that is a whole other post), but we did enjoy being around each other whenever that happened.

Finally we started dating in December of 1999 and by the next summer I knew that this man would be mine forever and we would be soul mates and have children together and build our life together. We got engaged on Feb 14, 2001 and were then married that summer. My life has not been the same since then.

On this journey with Aaron I have seen God do some amazing things in our life and I know that he has lots more in store for us. I am proud to be the wife of Aaron Ivey, and am overcome with thanfulness to God for granting me such a Godly man when I deserved nothing like that.

I love you baby!