I know I'm a little late on this one, but I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to my dad and to my husband for Father's Day! I love you both dearly and you have both impacted my world and my kids worlds in ways too big to count.

Aaron is such a fabulous daddy to our boys. He loves them so much and misses them like crazy when we are away. He would do anything for them, and is constantly thinking of their well being. When he comes home from long trips he always has a gift for them and spends all his time devoted to them. He makes more castles than anyone would like to, and plays the best game of hide and seek!

My love for Aaron has grown tremendously since we started having kids. I love him in a new way. I love him because he loves our boys so much. I love him because he desires to be the best dad in the world.

This week when we first saw Aaron after not having him around for almost 2 weeks (I'm not counting the 15 hours he was home one weekend) the boys went crazy. They only wanted daddy. They wanted to sit by daddy at dinner. They want daddy to hold them. They want their daddy. I LOVE it and Aaron loves it even more.

For the longest time Aaron and I have been on two completely different pages about more children in our family. He has said since we brought Little Boy home that we were done and that our family was complete with our two boys. I have said NO WAY I am NOT complete as a mom and I need more kids! We kinda agreed to disagree and decided not to talk about it anymore. This week Aaron drops a BOMB on me and says that he thinks we need to start the adoption process again. WHAT? I was so happy and have not stopped thinking about it and smiling. So, we are going to hopefully start again sometime within the next year. We are not in a hurry and going to take our time, but I could not be happier. We are going to pray this summer about whether or not we feel as though God wants to lead us down the path to domestic again, or international this time. Who knows!