Today's post is dedicated to Father's Day gift ideas!  I have told you before that I'm bad at giving gifts.  I have every great intention, and then I just don't do it.  Although I wish that I was an awesome gift giver, sometimes I am just not.  BUT if I were going to give Father's Day gifts, here's some things I would pick.  Hopefully this will help you take care of your shopping today!  Also I clearly know that this post is a tad bit late, but hopefully this will help you procrastinators like me.  🙂

1.  a new book

I recently read THE REAL WIN by Colt McCoy and Matt Carter and I highly recommend it for the men in your life.  I enjoyed it as a woman and so I know men will love it even more since it's written towards them.  Colt and Matt tackle great subjects that all men are wanting to know more about and grow in their life in these areas.  The talk about work, loving God more, loving your wife well, leaving a legacy behind that matters, and how to be the leader of your home.  I appreciate that Matt says that this book is more about their failures than their successes.

I found myself nodding so many times in affirmation of things my husband does well, and a few areas that I know I could pray for him to grow in.  It helped me understand what men are looking for in life and how I can help my husband abtain those things.  How can I love him well in his temptations, how can I love him well in his work, how can I love him well in his role as a dad?  All great questions us as wives should be asking.  So …. I guess my advice for you ladies is to get the book for your man and feel free to enjoy it when he's done with it!  Just be nice and don't underline all the sentences you think he needs to read 3 or 4 times!

You can get the book from Lifeway & Amazon.

I'm also super blessed to be able to give away a few of these books to some of you!  This would make the perfect gift for those dads in your life.  My dad has already read it and said it was one of the best books he's ever read.  Six of you will win this book, and the best news is that they will be autographed by Colt & Matt!
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2.  Stationary

Aaron has gotten into a letter writing stage and he's sending friends hand written notes.  I think the art of writing out a note of encouragement is lost.  We have email for that.  Twitter.  Facebook.  All of those a great media to build people up and encourage them, but don't you love getting a handwritten note.  Maybe your man likes to encourage people and write them letters.  If so, here's where Aaron's been getting his stationary now.  Page Stationary has many options that are man friendly.  Aaron found this site after searching all over town for stationary that was manly, whatever that might mean!


3.  A pipe

What a timeless gift this is for a man.  What a great gift idea for the special men in your life.  Smoking a pipe is a classic activity that brings together conversation and community.  When Aaron and his friends sit around a smoke their pipes, it always ends up being a good night.  There's something about the way a pipe can change a night for guys.  THE PIPE PARLOR is an amazing online pipe shop that is actually run by a family that we know.  It's a small business that will provide you with great service while you look for the best pipe for your man.  The Pipe Parlor is offering a discount code for you guys as well.  When you check out use dreamingbigdreams as the promo code.







4.  Sandals



Who doesn't need a new pair of sandals these days?  These sandals from REBUILD GLOBALLY are made in Haiti by earthquake survivors and the sandals are made from used tires.  How awesome is that?

The sandals are made from used tires and this organization is providing jobs for Haitians (mainly women) who are now helping to support their families and provide economic stability for their community.






I recently went on a canoe trip with my brother and his family and Jordan brought a GO PRO camera that he used the whole time. If your husband is into outdoor sports, this is super fun.  It's a camera that is shock proof, water proof, everything proof.  You can attach it to your canoe, your skis, your surfboard, whatever and it takes pictures.  This is a pricey gift, but one that will be tons of fun for you and him!

Here's the deal, whatever you get the men in your life, make sure it's something they would love and might not buy for themselves.  Along with the gift, write them a great note telling them how much you love them and a few ways they have made a difference in your life.  That note will be cherished more than whatever gift you might get them!


Jamie Ivey