I'm pretty certain that today marks the laziest day of 2010 for me. I have done nothing today except lay around, snuggle with kids, feed them nasty food, and take several 10 minute naps. I'm loving it. I started to feel guilty and then I pushed that guilt away with another handful of barbecue chips. Works every time.

August slept over last night and we had family snuggle time in bed this morning with an extra kid. I'm so thankful for my king bed each morning that we get to have snuggle time. That is one of my favorite times of the day when Aaron's home and one of the things I miss most during the school year!

We had a fabulous fourth with our friends. We have a band party each year and this year we even had some shirts made it up. Gosh it was fun to be outside in our new neighborhood with our friends, lots of food and of course the annual wiffle ball tournament as well! I'm pretty sure that Team Ivey would have won had it not been for our catcher, who will remain name less (rhymes with Baron), that was too busy twittering to catch a ball being thrown home for a crucial out. I'm for sure not bitter and for sure didn't tell him to get his head in the game next time. Oh well, it's all fun, right. Doesn't really matter if you win. ha.

fourth group pic 2010

Today Amos has been all about Mommy. It is super sweet, but let me say he is all over me. Wants to be on top of me when we watch tv, at my feet while I type and in my bathroom when I brush my teeth. I loved the first two hours, but I just had to ask him to give me a bit of space. He obliged and just said, “I love you mommy”. Gosh I love that kid! It is so funny b/c last week we had some hard moments that we hadn't had in weeks, then today he is kid of the year and in love with his mommy. Last week at one point I thought I saw his eyes glare me down and I'm sure he was not all about mommy in his head in those moments. Aaron and I have spent many conversations trying to figure out just what causes those crazy mood swings in him. We finally concluded that there is no answer and we don't even think he knows why or what causes them. He is 5 and has had a lot to process in his life and especially the last few months. Adoption is hard. Very hard. Quite possibly the hardest thing our family might ever endure.

Tara just wrote about adoption being hard & Kristen listed several documentaries that will be airing this summer on PBS that deal with adoption.

I need a new bathing suit so badly. I'm thinking about going out today and shopping for one, but that is something I hate to do. I'm not a big shopper anyways. I am not a big shopper for myself. I am also not a fan of taking 100 bathing suits into the dressing room to find that only 1 kinda fits, but not really that good. I know that this doesn't make sense, but I'd rather browse suits online, buy it from the comfy of my house even though the chances I'll have to return it are considerably high. That is how much I HATE shopping at the store for a bathing suit.

Those are my crazy random July 5th thoughts for now. The kids are beginning to ask for real food, I'm sticking to chips and salsa for the day!