On today’s Faith Based Talk Show Podcasts show, my friends Amy Wolff and Eugene Cho joined me. We talk about how to engage in the nuance of political policies and be careful not to dehumanize those we disagree with. I value the way Amy and Eugene pursue unity in Christ above all and how they allow that truth to shape how they engage in these conversations.

In my conversation with Amy, she talks about growing up in a home that leaned towards one party, later learning that one platform does not check off every box, and some of the complications that can come with one policy voting. Amy also shares about the difficulty and exhaustion that comes with voting on several policies and yet how it has shaped her character and pursuit of empathy. She worded it so well when she said, “It is messier. It is a lot easier to stay in the black and white and say, ‘that’s wrong, and this is right, so this is how I vote.’ It is much more exhausting to embrace the nuance.” I appreciate Amy’s thoughtfulness on a topic that can lead to a lot of tension, as well as her commitment to empathy. If you feel led to pursue more empathy around these issues, make sure to look at Amy’s 2020 Manifesto.

In my conversation with Eugene, he tells about the dangers of voting based on tribalism, how to look past negative ads and headlines designed to instill fear and create a holistic view of politics. Eugene also dives into the balance of standing up for what’s right without dehumanizing those who disagree. He says, “We can be bold, emphatic, courageous. But we can also do these things without vilifying and demonizing the very essence, humanity, and dignity of other human beings.” It’s important to remember that the currency of our society is fear because that is what sells. But as Christians, we need to be mindful about what we’re consuming, how we’re consuming it and not take part in the demonization of people created in the image of God.

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