On today’s show my friends Kathryn Freeman and Scott Sauls join me. You will enjoy hearing from both of them as we talk about things like how to engage in policy work that may not fully align with our Christian worldview, and how to fill a hostile world with gentleness. We jump right into these conversations and our hope is that you would be encouraged to view every issue through the lens of God’s word.

In my conversation with Kathryn, we talk about how to make the issue of racial injustice non-partisan, and using scripture as the basis of what we believe, filtering issues through that lens rather than partisan lenses. Kathryn also tells us about the importance of prioritizing loving one another over being right. She says, “Remember that people are not who they are voting for.” It is so important to give each other the freedom to have different perspectives because we’ve had different experiences. But ultimately, remember that we are citizens of heaven. We need to look at issues first as a biblical issue, and then as a political one. Kathryn is very helpful in walking us through that.

In my conversation with Scott, we talk about the danger of reducing someone’s character to their worst moment, and how we often become whatever and whoever we look at. Scott also tells us how to pursue biblical gentleness and what that truly means. People often feel that gentleness means passively laying down your beliefs, but over and over in scripture we see Jesus practice gentleness to defend the marginalized by condemning oppressors with righteous anger. Scott raises a serious issue when he says “There are a lot of people in our churches that are much more eager to be discipled by a partisan platform than they are to be discipled by Jesus Christ.” My biggest prayer is not political, but that we would remember to look to Jesus and take on the embodiment of Him, the One who was both Lamb and Lion.

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