Today is the last day on our seven day Master Cleanse.  Seven days without eating.  I thought I could never do it, but I did it.  Well, I might as well start this post with confession.  Last night I ate a bite of macaroni and cheese that I was making the kids.  I am not sure how it happened.  One minute I was stirring the cheese and next thing I knew a spoon full was in my mouth.  I tried to spit it out, but my mouth kept chewing and before I knew it I had swallowed macaroni and cheese.  I felt bad for “cheating” but oh my word was it good.  So good. So good.  So good.  Good thing is that it was organic mac n cheese and gluten free!

Okay back to the last days of our cleanse.  Yesterday and today I haven’t even gotten to 6 glasses of the lemonade thing.  It’s like I’m hungry, but not really.  I know that doesn’t make sense if you haven’t done this.  It feels as though I’m used to feeling this way.  As for energy, I’ve honestly felt fine. Honest.  I wouldn’t lie about that.  Now, we’ve been a little more tired at the end of the day, but that could also be that we’re back in the groove with school and such.

I could go 10 days.  I really good.  No doubt my body could.  No doubt I could.  But …. I DO NOT WANT TO!!!!!  I’m really really tired of drinking this stuff.  I’m tired of making salads for my kids every day wishing I was eating one.  I’m tired of dreaming of salmon, sushi, chips, salsa, wine, ravioli, nachos, black olives, spinach dip, queso, salads, sprouts, broccoli, enchiladas, pizza, mashed potatoes, cream cheese on a bagel, pasta salad, stir fry, cauliflower soup and even just the idea of holding a fork and putting food in my mouth.  Can you tell I’m craving the act of eating.

Aaron asked me tonight what my meal would be if I could pick anything right now and weird thing is that I’m not so sure.  I think I would go for anything just to eat something.  It could be crackers for all I care.  Well, crackers with cheese on them for sure.  And while I’m at it I would dip that cracker with cheese in salsa and then I would eat it.  Then I would repeat that again and a again.

You guys see how much I love food.  🙂  So over these past seven days I have learned that even when I think I need food, I can say no.  I can have will power, I just have to find it within me.  For the love I went to Hula Hut the other night with a bunch of friends and didn’t eat.  That my friends is will power.  But also I failed last night with the scoop of mac n cheese.  Hey, I’m learning.  This is my first cleanse after all!

So, if I could sum up my first master cleanse I would say it was inspiring.  I feel as though I did it. I succeeded in what I set out to do.  Although my original goal was 10 days I don’t feel bad for doing 7.  Next time I hope to go 10.  I feel as though I’m just now getting to the cleansing part.  I bet I’ve lost over 10 lbs.  I’ll weigh tomorrow and update.  Four days into it I had lost seven.  If you want to know if I’ll ever do this again, the answer is yes.  I know now what it takes, what it feels like and how it goes.  So many of you have told me that you could never do this and I have one thing to say to you, YES YOU CAN!  For real.  If I can, then so can you.  I love food.  I have four kids to feed.  I did it and so could you.

So, tomorrow morning I’ll have a smoothie and then head over to Mother’s to eat a salad and maybe one or two chips.  (don’t worry guys I won’t get crazy on the chips!!!!)   The goal now is to eat less and eat healthy.

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