One of my deepest desires in life is for my kids to know that they are loved and special.  If they get to graduation night and they can declare that their mom loved them and loved them well I will be one happy momma.  I'll be crying I'm sure, because who doesn't cry  when your kid graduates from high school and begins a whole new chapter of their life most of the time without you!


At the beginning of the year when I knew that I was going to be focusing a lot of my energy during the month of May on encouraging my kids I found a cute little shop that I knew had something perfect for me to encourage my kids.  I fell in love with her work and I knew that it would work great with my theme of encouragement for May.


DOODLE GRAPHICS makes great personalized gifts for those that you love.  I decided that Aaron and I would pick out our favorite words to describe that describe our kids (or even words we were praying for them) and put them on a picture for them.  Of course being the dreamer that I am, I envision these being their most prized possession that they take with them to college!  I can dream, right?


Doodle Graphics did an amazing job on these for me and I couldn't be happier about them!!!  The other night we presented them to the kids and although they didn't think it was the coolest surprise in the world, they did smile so big when we read the words to them.  We told them how much we loved them and what the words meant to us about them.  It was a time of building our kids up and telling them things that we see in them and hope to see more of in them.



If you are looking for a great gift for a child, mom, dad, or anyone else in your life that you love, I highly recommend DOODLE GRAPHICS.  She was great to work with and my prints are amazing!


Jamie Ivey