We truly believe that every single person who is a follower of Christ has a powerful story of how they encountered Jesus. Through a friendship, a church, a book, or even alone in a quiet room. For this special summer series, Encounter, we share a few stories of how Jesus captured the hearts of these believers.

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Matt Krieg

In this show, Matt shares his story of growing up in a Christian home, but realizing at 29 years old that he didn’t really know Jesus – he only knew about Jesus. Matt talks about his struggle with comparison to his brother, worth and value. At 11 years old, he was introduced to pornography and fell into a secret addiction for nearly two decades. Matt dealt with so much self-loathing that he truly wanted to take this secret to the grave. One day, he had a moment where he finally handed his lies and shame over to God, and the Lord just took them. He says “His response to me wasn’t ‘Matt, you’re worthless.’ His response to me was ‘Matt, know that I love you.’”

That was the beginning of Matt’s journey toward freedom and healing.

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Chris Terry

In this episode, Chris shares about his background growing up in a Catholic home. He considered it much more about earning love, which caused him to struggle deeply with affirmation. After several years of fighting to know his purpose, using alcohol and sex to try and find his identity, he came to the end of himself. Two women shared the gospel with Chris at a summer camp, and he put his faith in Jesus Christ summer of 2011. After coming to Christ, Chris battled trying to fight his old self and God really showed up to place people in his life that would walk alongside him through a continual process of sanctification.

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Mo Isom Akins

In this episode, Mo shares with us that cultural Christianity was the stamp of her younger years, just something that was part of a routine. While feeling like nothing in her life was going as planned, Mo eventually developed a severe eating disorder, went through a tragic loss in her family, and turned to alcohol and partying to numb her grief. Until one day, she encountered the very presence of God in the most unlikely moment.

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Erin Weidemann

In this episode, Erin shares about a period in her life from ages 16-26 where she completely rejected God. She considered herself an atheist, and led a life of making any and every decision that she wanted. After a deadly cancer diagnosis, being forced to move out of the home she had just bought, and lying face down on the bathroom floor at rock bottom, Erin begged God to help her. And He showed up.

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Liz Curtis Higgs

In this show, Liz shares about growing up attending church as more of a small town ritual, but when she turned sixteen she chose to live her life as she wanted. Liz got caught up in the “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll” lifestyle for years, until meeting a couple who were new believers and consistently reminded Liz of Christ’s love for her. That was the beginning of Liz eventually giving her life to Christ.

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Dr. Derwin Gray

In this show, Derwin tells us about his childhood growing up around violence and trauma, and how he used football as an escape from the things around him. He went on to meet his wife, Vicki at BYU, a mormon university, and he eventually got drafted to the NFL. While playing in the professional league, a teammate of his shared the Gospel with him in the locker room. It was at that point that the wheels began to turn in his mind and he committed his life to Christ

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Jamie Ivey & Sidney Runeberg

In this episode, I actually share some of my story with you of how I encountered Jesus. I read a bit from my first book, If You Only Knew which talks about how I came to Christ after a life of living for myself. I also got to talk with an incredible young woman, Sidney Runeburg. Sidney shares about her journey of building a friendship with a wonderful girl who eventually helped lead her to Christ.

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Since the start of The Happy Hour in 2014, I've had the honor of hearing hundreds of stories of individuals' lives being transformed by Jesus. Here are some stories of how they Encountered Jesus.

Jamie Ivey