I feel as though my body is reacting to my emotions from the past seven days. I am pooped and my body is screaming and pleading with me to rest. I have had a very sore throat for the past few days and wouldn't you know it a fever blister plopped its way above my top lip in the wee hours of the night. I need to rest and tonight is my night. NOTHING is on tv, and that is usually what keeps me up when Aaron's gone, so the kids are in bed (not asleep, but there) and I'm about to get in bed myself!

I had a hard week in parenting this week. Parenting is not easy. It takes lots of work. This week was challenging for me, but I feel as though I've grown because of it. It is much easier to NOT discipline your kids then it is to constantly discipline them. I'm learning that this is hard but I am confident that it will pay off in the end.

I have had an emotional week too, because Aaron was home but not really home. He was in the studio and that is my LEAST favorite thing about his job. It is so consuming and so draining on him that I am pretty much without him even though he arrives home late at night to sleep in the same bed with me.

Aaron is on his way home tonight and that makes me smile! We are all looking forward to the next two weeks with lots of family time!!

Last night I was blown away by the video that Lori and Licia made. I loved it and have watched it many times since then. I showed it to the boys first thing this morning and Big Boy kept telling me he wans his hair cut like Amos' hair! How funny!

We had another emotional day today as Aaron was handed a check by someone that he had never met today for a very generous amount to go towards our adoption. We are humbled beyond comprehension at the support towards Amos in his journey to us. We have had so many people love us through this and encourage us in so many different ways. I can't wait to tell him the stories of how he came to us. For all of you that have helped I scream with all my raspy, sick, sore throat voice and say THANK YOU!

Tonight these pictures were on Licia's blog. They once again bring a BIG smile to my face.


Look at how he is checking us out in our pictures. I love it! I pray that God would mold our images in his head in ways that Amos doesn't even understand. Allow him to see us in a new light. Allow his heart to see our hearts.  Prepare his heart and mind for when we do meet.  (I'm working on going in Jan or Feb – pray this happens for us!)



The three buddies! I love these boys! They are hilarious! Licia says that they didn't like the black jelly beans. I'm still wondering why I sent him jelly beans. If you know me I'm not the biggest fan of just giving my kids candy for no reason. I have seen other pictures of people sending packages to their children in Haiti and Africa and they always include candy, so I did too. I guess they liked them! I don't even like jelly beans either though …. oh well I'll send Hot Tamales next time! I bet they won't eat those Licia! You and Lori tell me what you and your family likes and I'll send that too!


So there are two pictures to get you through the week! I'm off to bed. I had to eat ice cream for dinner since I have a sore throat!!! 🙂

Back to real life tomorrow. Art classes and the Y first thing in the morning.

*Oh yeah if you have been trying to email me today – you'll need to resend them all – for some reason my email is not working. Sorry, I hope to have it fixed by tomorrow night.