Good news …. Jamie got a new computer!  Well actually Jamie got Aaron's old computer.  That's how it always goes down around here!  I get the hand-me-down's from Aaron.  I am in NO way complaining, just wanted to clarify!!!

So, we are in the midst of transferring stuff from computer to computer.  Last time Aaron got a new computer I got his old one and lost all of my pictures.  I'm determined for that not to happen this time, but it is hard when you store them on your computer and not a website.

During our recent exchange of computers I'm now using “mail” instead of “entourage” and so we're having a hard time getting all my emails/address book over to my new computer.  UM … yeah that's a problem.  I have lots of important emails and well who wants to lose their entire address book.

SO …. if we have ever emailed before would you please send me an email so that I can add you to my new address book.  If we are “real” friends you could even send me your mailing address (for Christmas cards, you know!!!).  This will save me lots of time in going through and entering in all of your information from my other computer.

I'm sure if we went into an Apple store and took them all these computers and laid them all out they could wave a magic wand and simply get everything on to the right “new” computers!!!

So, for the next three hours I'll be sitting here trying to figure out my new email stuff.  OH joys!  Then our family will hit the bus and head downtown to the Farmer's Market.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Farmer's market!!!  Lots of good veggies, fruits and good ole country people!

So, go ahead and drop me that email right quick …. jamie at aaronivey dot com – you can figure that out with the spaces and @ and stuff!