Here's another post I started but never finished.  That seemed to happen a lot those first few months after I had all four kids at home under one roof.  Lots of things started and not finished!




Easter got here very quickly and now it is gone. Monday mornings after Aaron leads at the Stone are very lazy around here. In fact as I type this at 10:42, he's still in bed and not feeling good at all. I gave him some medicine and he is still feeling crappy, so pray for him if you think about it.

Anyhow we had a fabulous Easter. It was our first Easter together as a family. I guess we now begin the “firsts” of a family of 6. How fun. The sad thing is that I didn't even remember my sorrow from last Easter until I got a text from Amy asking how our first Easter together was. As soon as I read it my mind flashed back to last year when I could literally barely get my sappy butt out of bed b/c I was so furious with God for not bringing my kids home. It was a hard day for me. In fact probably one of the top five hardest days for me during our wait. Here's where I wrote about it: Easter 2009 It was interesting for me to read that post from last year. I was so mad about my kids not being home and still mourning the loss of sending Fedna home. I was a mess!

One thing that I think is so funny is the difference between how I always thought our first Easter would go and how it actually went.




I never finished that, but if I can remember that far back I would probably say that it was just like any other Sunday with a mom trying to get four kids ready for church all by herself.  🙂  Not all roses.

Jamie Ivey