Let me just tell you that I am not happy with myself after today.  I’m embarrassed.  I’m in awe of how low I have stooped.  I was not aware of this nasty obsession that I have.




We are officially starting our Master Cleanse tomorrow, but today was Ease In Day #1, and that meant we could only eat fruits and veggies.  I was miserable.  I went grocery shopping for the kids and for our cleanse and you would have thought I had never been in a grocery store before.  I wanted to eat it all.  I wanted to get some cheese, noodles, chips, salsa, black bean burger.  Oh my gracious do you see my problem?

I then began to beat myself up over the fact that there are people all over the world that would love to eat fresh fruits and veggies for a day.

This cleanse for me this week is hopefully going to be a spiritual road for me.  I need to spend 10 days finding my joy, comfort and happiness in something besides trying to stuff my face with food.  I truly do have a food obsession.  I love to eat.  I love good food.  I love good wine.

I’m hoping that this is the best exercise I have ever done in self-discipline and will power.  I need to practice that. I need to master that.  I need to get a grip on it.

So ….. tomorrow I’ll be drinking my meals.

Rumor has it that Beyonce lost weight on this cleanse and kept it off.  I think she looks fine in picture #1, but who am I to say what someone needs to weigh!

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