I have had a awful feeling in my stomach for the past few hours since I heard of the earthquake that hit Haiti today.  I remember this feeling in 2008 when the hurricanes continued to go through there all summer long, and the final straw when the house where Amos lives (& story at the time) was completely surrounded by flood waters.  People all around them lost houses and died and our son & daughter were right there in the middle of it.  Tonight I'm feeling that same helpless feeling.  There is NO WAY to explain this unless you too have a child in Haiti waiting to come home.  You feel helpless.  You feel out of control.  You are then mad that they are there and not home with their families where there is no earthquake.

Tonight as I explained earthquakes to the kids and why I was crying so much over dinner while constantly on my computer, they looked sad, but their little minds couldn't quite grasp what was happening so far away.  They kept asking if Amos was okay and finally as I was going in to read them their bedtime bible story I got word that yes Amos was okay.  I relayed that message to the boys and Cayden hugged me so tight and whispered in my ear, “I'm so happy mom.”  Yeah that brought more tears.  Then tonight as we were praying Deacon said these words, “God please give Amos strong muscles in case some walls fall on him so he can get out, and let him know that Jesus is with him no matter what, and help him to be respectful and please help his papers move.”  OH more tears were flowing with that prayer.  As I tucked Deacon in I reassured him that Amos was okay and probably wouldn't be under any walls.  🙂

Cayden asked me why God would make an earthquake and let so many people die.  I told him to ask his Daddy about that one tomorrow!

Seriously though, thanks to all of you that sent texts, emails and called to check on Amos.  I have thanked God over and over tonight for technology.  Although we don't have cable I'm getting so many updates via twitter and facebook and can watch the news online.

Please pray for the entire country.  There will be much more devastation found tomorrow when the sun comes up.  Pray for the kids at the Rescue Center who are sleeping outside tonight.  Pray for all the Compassion projects there and that all their kids and families will be accounted for tomorrow.  My heart is heavy tonight for my kids birth families, home country and friends that we love dearly that live in Haiti.


This image obtained courtesy of the US Geological Survey (USGS) illustrates the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti Photo: AFP