Remember when you thought all in the world would be good if you could just get through Algebra I in high school.  Then you thought things couldn't get better if you got that perfect boyfriend.  Then you dreamed of bigger boobs and skinnier legs to catch the guys attention (not that I dreamed of that!  of course not …. but I had a friend once that told me she did!!!!).  Then you get to college and if you can just pass your A&P class all would be better.  Then if you could just get to 21 and could trash your fake i.d. you would be happy (not that I had a fake I.D either …. um …. okay so maybe I did and maybe her name was …. Regina Morales).

Remember those days?

Now I have a few things that would make my life almost perfect:

  1. A dishwasher that actually washes dishes with food on them, doesn't make a peep and things come out dry at the end.  Oh what a glorious day that would be!
  2. A fridge that holds enough food for a family of 6 for a whole week!
  3. A washing machine that has an unlimited amount of room to stuff things in.  I could have free time if I got this!
  4. A dryer that actually drys and is fast.  Just one that drys well.  Oh my gracious what a sight that would be!
  5. A vacuum that works at night while I sleep.

Is that too much to ask in this world?

I had to laugh at myself this morning when I was literally dreaming of these things and then remembered how all I wanted in high school was to reach 21 and ditch my fake i.d.!  I thought I would have for sure arrived when I could do that.  Ha!  Then I got to 21 and I don't even think I one thing to drink on my birthday!!!  Being a mom to four sure does change the things you day dream about during the day!!!

What's your latest day dream that you would have never fathomed dreaming about before you became a wife/mom/adult?

Jamie Ivey