The list of dossier requirements is LONG and SCARY! It is so much paperwork and takes so much time to gather everything together. I have a paper that lists everything and I am slowly but surely crossing things off of that list!

Here is what we have left to gather.
* Home study – finished but waiting on social worker to write up and get it to us.
* ID Photos – still not sure what I'm waiting on … maybe a good hair day?
* I864 – VERY long form that I do NOT understand at all – also need tax forms and W2's and 1040's to go along with this
* Medical Evalutions – we have both had these done and now we just wait on the doctor to type up how healthy we are!
* Psychological Evaluations – I have been calling around and tonight found the best deal I have found so far – $200 each – I'll be making us appointments for the next two weeks!
* Reference letters – I have received two and just need three more.

So, that is what we are still working on. After all this is in we'll start translating (some of what we already have is with the translator now), state certifying and Haitian Authenticating. Not sure how long that will take, but we want all this to Haiti by end of November. Think we can do it?

Jamie Ivey