God planted the idea of adoption on both Ryan's & my heart several years ago. We always thought, “maybe one day.” Never really defining what that “one day” meant.

We have two beautiful daughters, Addison (6) and Kamryn (5), and adore them. They light up our life! But there has always been a tug on my heart…like God saying “you aren't done.” However, I have honesty never had the desire to be pregnant again. Having had two so close together, I think for a while I was just plain tired of being pregnant. On top of that, we had a few years of financial struggle. So adoption was a distant far off concept for us, since we knew it was expensive. We felt as though there was no way we could afford it, had so much debt to pay off, and couldn't imagine adding a third child into the mix.
Well, over the past few years God has done some incredible things in our lives. We have seen him work in ways that bring tears to my eyes. These are stories I love to share with people over coffee or a glass of red. Too much to write about in one blog post! But here are three things specifically that I would love to share…
First, God brought an opportunity into our lives a year ago that has truly changed our financial situation in major ways. Ways we never thought possible. I became a distributor with a  ground level health & wellness company that has completely blown us out of the water. Not only do I get to help people with their health, but God has provided us the ability to pay off debt, start savings accounts, purchase a home, etc.
Second, over the past year, we have also gotten involved with a mentorship program at our church called Gospel Village. Ryan mentors a third grade boy and has lunch with him weekly. It has been neat to watch this relationship develop and how much both Ryan and this boy gain from it. Through this program, we have realized what a huge need we have locally to pour into children.
Third, we listen to the podcasts from the Austin Stone and after hearing the series about Adoption, it hit us and hit us hard. We actually listened to one together on a road trip and Ryan and I both knew. That “maybe one day” was NOW. There were no excuses or reasons to wait. God has been so good to us, provided things for us above and beyond what we ever expected and we want to be good stewards for him. It was time to act. We felt led to move towards domestic infant adoption and sent our application in on January of this year. We have our first official meeting at the agency this week and are excited to see how God is going to work. My prayer now is for the momma of our baby. Whoever and wherever she is, I'm praying for her. Praying she makes good choices. Praying she knows she is loved.
Our motto for our life, and even in our business, is to “give more, live more.” We know God has us in particular situations for particular reasons and we are honored and humbled to move forward in this adoption process. We know that when we give more, we do truly live more.
Traci Dixon is married to her best friend, has two beautiful daughters (who aren't twins, they are just close in age & the same height), and works from home for an awesome health & wellness company. She loves Jesus, running, coffee, cooking, red wine, Italian food, traveling, and spending time with friends around the dinner table. She is so thankful for each day we have to live and strive to make the most of each opportunity!
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