Okay I'm going to beg for someone that reads this and lives nearby to volunteer to watch our sweet and loving canine for a week.  If I find someone I can drive my family to OHIO and spend time with my husband.  If not, well then I'm stuck here!



inside dog but if you have  fence he can stay out all day and sleep in crate inside at night.

westie/yorkie mix

potty trained

hyper at first when he meets you and you greet him, but calms down and relaxes.

lazy at night – great tv watching companion.

great “tester” dog if your family was considering a dog.

i'll bring all his food and your reward is a dinner out on us and free babysitting, if you have kids! (don't worry tamara I haven't forgotten your reward!!!!)

let me know!

jamie @ aaronivey (dot) com