Right now our church is going through a series entitled, Sexual Sin, and so far each week has been so wonderful. I actually left after the first Sunday with a smile on my face and was so proud of my church. I was proud of our leadership for taking a stance on something that in this day and age can be so loose. Sexual sin are two words that put together can cause people to begin to feel completely uncomfortable and their guard can automatically come up.

On the first week of the study our pastor, Matt Carter, tackled two big questions that I think so many Christians are sometimes asking.  #1 Does God care about your sex life? #2 Is your sexual sin even that big of a deal to God?

As I sat and listened to his thoughts on this for our church body I of course remembered how my view of sex has changed throughout my life. Before committing to follow Jesus and truly trying to make my life look like him I viewed sex as something I had a right to experience. I knew that it was wrong and that I could get hurt, but I also felt as though I was so far into this lifestyle that I wasn't sure how to get out. If having sex was wrong, I was already doing it, so what difference did it make if I stopped or not. I honestly didn't think I had any way out. Truth is I did have a way out, and I finally found that way out when I began to follow Jesus. It was then that I desired to live differently than I had before.

Some of you might be feeling as though you don't have a way out. You've been having casual sex for years and the thought of stopping seems kind of ridiculous. I understand that completely. The truth is though that sexual sin will always fall short for what God intended for us to use sex for. It will never add up to the fullness of what God created it to be. It's not that God is asking you to be the odd man out, and miss out on something so fabulous, but yet he's actually offering you something better.

In Matt's sermon he said something that I believe to be so true. He said, “Sexual sin will always fall short. At best it will not satisfy you. At worst it will destroy you.” I believe that to be true as well.

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Also, I just recorded an episode of the HappyHour with my friend Erin Macpherson and we spent most of the time talking about our thoughts on the upcoming movie, 50 Shades of Grey, and her new book about healthy sex within your marriage. Be on the lookout for that podcast soon!