That's what woke me up at 2:15 this morning.  Deacon was yelling for me.  Normally in the middle of the night if the cry is not for fear or pain I don't hurry downstairs.  For some reason I got up and headed down there quickly and I'm sure glad I did.

Half awake I went to Deacon's bed to find him sitting up looking at me.  Before I could even realize what had happened he said to me, “Mom do you have a napkin to clean this up?”.  I then looked around and noticed throw up all over his jammies, his bed and all 185 stuffed animals in his bed.  Oh gross!  He wasn't crying at all, just wanting a napkin to clean it up!

I called for Aaron and we cleaned it up together and he threw up two more times, but was such a big boy the whole time.  He stayed home with daddy today and we knew he was sick, because he laid around all day and watched tv.  If you know Deacon, you know that he doesn't lay around and he doesn't slow down to watch tv!

I'm happy to announce that at dinner tonight he was back to his normal goof-ball self!  The kids are in bed and Aaron and I are plopped in front of the tv to watch LOST!

Jamie Ivey