Tonight for dinner we had great conversations.  It was just the boys and myself over spaghetti and I love when they just talk about random stuff.  Here were a few of our conversations:

  • When I grow up I want to ride on a space ship. – Cayden
  • Cayden and Deacon developed a plan for their own band.  Deacon on drums, Cayden playing guitar like Jimmie (bobbing head and shouting “yeah baby”) and Amos playing piano like daddy and singing.  I asked about Story and Cayden looked at me like I was crazy.  Of course she is too little.  She will just sit and watch!
  • Stupid is not a nice word.  Earlier in the day Cayden looked at Carson and called him a “stupid dog”.  Oh I hope I have not said this before.  I don't recall saying it even though I have surely thought those words many times!
  • I can't stop my tooties.  – Deacon
  • Cayden was so confused as to where the meatballs were in his spaghetti.  I have never made meatballs before.  He has been over at the Shingleton's too many times, since Shawnah makes home made ones.  🙂
  • They both want to play basketball when they grow up and have no sleeves and tattoos.  I was watching the UCLA game before dinner and apparently they noticed the uniforms with no sleeves and every player sporting a tattoo on his arm!  I firmly told them not until they are 18 in this house!
  • God made everyone with different hair and different color.  Some have curly, some have long girl hair, some have short hair.  I want long hair (pointing to some over his eyes) like Jimmie so I can play the guitar. – Cayden

I love random conversations with a four year old and two year old.  Amos and Story we're ready for your input here too!

Jamie Ivey