I am moved to tears nearly every time I visit Licia's blog. She does a great job of letting us get a look into her life. I have no idea how she and her sister, Lori, do what they do. They sacrifice day in and day out to help the people that come to visit them. They experience death daily. They experience the misfortune that these children have day after day. They see the children dying from simply not having enough food to eat.

After we stuffed our faces on Thanksgiving my mom said she felt guilty for eating all that knowing that the people in Haiti and around the world won't have as much food as we consumed in one day for a whole month. Perspective.

I wish that all those peole out there that gets so consumed with the word “saving” would go and read Licia and Lori's blog. See the children dying because their familes don't want them. See the children dying because their family can't support all the kids and the two in the middle get left out. See the children dying because they have no education and have no job skills to support themselves and their four brothers after their parents died in a flood. See the children with no one.

I am learning lots of lessons throughout this adoption. I'm learning that I need to listen for people's hearts before I judge their words or actions. I'm learning that this country is a place where most people don't want to know what goes on in 3rd world countries. I'm learning that adoption is hard. I'm learning that raising a family that looks different is hard.

I have so much going on in my little bitty head that I know this post is random, speratic and probalby makes no sense. Oh well. Who cares, its my blog.