31 BIG finalDear Jamie in 2003,

You are 5 months pregnant and just got a phone call that seems to have rocked your world.  The financial secretary from your old church left a message about your insurance.  Your cobra insurance actually is out.  What you thought would cover you through your entire pregnancy is now out.  You are now pregnant with no insurance.  None.  You and Aaron make about $12,000 a year combined and now how do you get insurance with a baby already in your belly.

This will become a marker for you in your faith.  A chance to truly trust God.  This year you and Aaron left all that was comfortable and started a new life in TN.  Then you found out your were pregnant, and now your insurance is gone.

Each month you and Aaron will try and get help for your pregnancy.  Each month you are turned down.  Each month you are learning to trust God more and more no matter what he does.  Your faith in him is increasing in the midst of this trial.

Finally you are convinced that your birth will not be covered.  You will have no help from the State and no insurance.  God is still in control, and you finally believe that.  He will take care of you in the midst of what seems like a crazy financial problem.

Good news is that in December help came through about one month before Cayden's birth.  You and Aaron were extremely happy about the help, but also felt closer to God as he had increased your faith in him.  Truth is that even if help hadn't come through you still were trusting in his provision.  However that might have looked.


Jamie in 2013