31 BIG finalDear Jamie in June of 2003,

Congrats!  You are expecting.  This has come at such a surprise to you and Aaron, but no worries, you'll make it.  I'll write you more about that later, but today I want to talk about your job.

You have been teaching at a private school since you moved to TN a few months ago and you actually really enjoy it.  You taught fifth grade and grew to love the awkwardness of children as they turned into middle schoolers right before your eyes.

Your pregnancy has brought up a bit of a dilemma for you, since you are about to be offered a full time job at the school.  All you are waiting on is your meeting to sign your contract.  The pregnancy has put a kink in your plans, but you are convinced that you will still work full time.  You see, I remember you and Aaron had it all figured out.  You guys moved to TN and the plan was for you to work full time for five years and help support the family while Aaron expanded his music.  Then you would have kids.  This was a great plan.  Now you are pregnant, but no worries you guys plan on sticking to the part about you working for five years.  The kids came early, but you are excited now.

The meeting didn't go well with the principal and I know you are so sad and discouraged about it.  In fact, you now feel as though you don't even know if you want to work there, or if God is truly going to take care of you now.

You went in to the meeting and felt as though you should be completely honest with them, even though you were only a few weeks pregnant, and your plan backfired.  You told them you needed to share with them something before you signed your contract, but you had no idea what they would do next.  Literally before your eyes they pulled back the contract and decided not to hire you full time because you told them you were pregnant.

You were so upset.  So mad.  So sad.  So worried.

Let me tell you that God will provide.  He is so good, and you will be okay.  Your plan was never his plan, and you will not work full time again in the five years you will live in TN, and your family will be provided for.

Oh and also in a few years you're going to adopt a baby, and then you are going to go to Haiti, and then you are going to adopt two more kids from Haiti, and then you're going to move to Texas.  Lots is going to happen, and teaching those awesome 5th graders was actually the last full time job you will have.


Jamie in 2013

Jamie Ivey