31 BIG finalDear Jamie in 2001,

Oh did you marry a good man.  Something happened recently that I want you to remember forever so when your husband forgets to put the lid down on the seat, or leaves his underwear on the floor for you to pick up, or doesn't start the dishwasher after he's loaded it … when any of those things happen I want you to remember this and know that Aaron gets a pass for life because of what he did for you on this night!

You and Aaron are out of town and staying at some friends house when in the middle of the night you wake up to an awful feeling.  You are peeing in the bed.  Yes I said that right.  Peeing in the bed as a grown, newly married woman.

You were dreaming about going to bathroom and before you know it you were and as you woke up you couldn't stop and there you and your husband of only a few months, were laying in a bed full of pee.  Your pee.

Gross.  I know.

Here's where your man shines through.

You immediately begin crying because what is happening can not be real.  This can not be happening to you in this moment.  Had this happened at your home in your bed it would have been bad, but this is happening in a friends house on their futon.  YES you wet the bed at your friends house.

Aaron was amazing.  He didn't laugh at your or make you feel awful, but he got right to work.  He took at the sheets off and tip-toed to their washing machine and began washing them.  He then began to scrub the mattress to soak up all of your pee.  Then this man found a fan in their house and took the mattress off and propped it up so the fan would dry it through the night.  He then moved the sheets to the dryer as you slept on a pallet that he made you on the floor while your mattress dried.   You have no idea what he did while he was waiting because you went back to sleep. Then he got the sheets from the dryer and in the morning when the mattress was mostly dry he made the bed and put the futon back how you found it.

He did that for you.  A man loves his wife well when he cleans up her pee sheets.


Jamie in 2013 that has to this day never told this friend about this incident