1987Dear Jamie in 1987,

Your brother is 5 now and he's really starting to annoy you.  I mean it's hard to be nine and have a five year old always following you around and wanting to be like you.  Tough work sister.

You are starting a really bad habit and I wish that I could explain to your nine year old brain what it's like when you are mean to your brother.  You will treat him with disrespect and will not spend much time with him until you eventually move back home when you are 20 and then you will realize that he's really something truly amazing and special.  Sidenote:  yes, you move home when you are 20 and get this, you will live with your parents until you get married.  Hard to believe I know.

The thing about siblings is that they are your longest relationship that you'll have on this earth.  If you live an average age and those loved ones around you do as well, you will have known your siblings for the longest.  Jordan will be in your life for longer than your mom and dad, your husband, or your kids.  You two have something special and you are so mean to him.

I wish I could tell you that now you love him like crazy, and if you could do it over again you wouldn't have ever been mean to him.  In the future, you guys will love each other greatly and he will make you so proud.  You're going to do some mean things to him, like overcharging him for old Snoop cd's, not letting him come near your room, and putting tampon instruction sheets in his backpack for him to find when he gets to school.  Okay that last one is kinda funny.  You have to admit that.

Siblings are important and God puts us together with the perfect ones for us.  You should go and be nice to your brother.  He deserves it and so do you.  In a few years your family will go through some hard times, and you will need each other.  If you keep up like this, you won't even know how to comfort each other during that time, and that will be truly sad.

Go love your brother.  He's awesome and just wants to be loved.


Jamie in 2013