31 BIG finalDear Jamie in college,

Right now you are a sophomore in college at Dallas Baptist University and you are working at a day care.  Now there's nothing wrong with working at a day care, but I wish that you would expand your horizons and venture out of something that is so easy to you.  You worked at a day care after school in high school, and it was easy work and easy money.  You love kids.  You are great with them.  I get that.  BUT you are going to leave college and the only work experience you have to show for yourself is that you worked at a day care.

My advice for you is to go out and seek jobs at organizations and places that you would like to work.  While in college you are an education major and kinesiology major, and eventually you want to be a teacher and a coach.  Why don't you go get a job at a tutoring company to get some teaching under your belt?  Why not head to a professional sporting team (there's several there in Dallas) and get a job as someone working at their front desk, to get your foot in the door?  You know that teaching and coaching will make you happy, but you also always say that a dream job would be to be a news anchor.  So, why don't you go down to the local news channel and get a job there?  You could copy papers for them just to get in the door.  You have to start somewhere, and your resume stinks right now.

In a year you'll move home and end up going to the University of Houston for a semester and then you'll finish at Houston Baptist University.  While at HBU you will declare your second major as Speech Communications.  You are moving towards a career in media, and yet you are working at a drilling company.  Yes, your drilling company drills water wells all around the world and saves people's lives, but it will do nothing to help you move into a field that you like.

You have so much potential and you are working at jobs that are so convenient for you, and don't move your towards your job goals in life.  Go out and make some connections, get an internship somewhere.  Don't settle for working in the day care down the street from the college because it's easy and you don't have to work nights or weekends.  For the love, do something.

Now, these letters always sound so harsh, so I'll end with this to you.  Guess what, when you are 33 you are going to go out on a limb and apply for a job at a radio station, and you are going to actually win.  Yes, you will work in media and you will love it!  Also, God's grace is good and covers all these stupid decisions that you made in your life, and things will work out just fine.  You're going to be okay.  Just want to encourage you to actually do something with your life.  You're beginning to waste it on nothing, and there's so much out there that you could be doing.


Jamie in 2013