31 BIG finalDear Jamie in 1993,

Your family is taking a trip to California this summer and your mom said that you could bring a friend.  For some reason, when you suggested that you take your boyfriend, she said yes.  You never thought she would, but she did, and so now you are heading West and bringing your loser boyfriend with you.  Oh you don't think he's a loser, but he's seriously a loser because in a few months you will have your heart broken so badly for the first time ever.  It will hurt bad.  You will cry lots of tears.

Right now though your life is wonderful and the boy you love is heading to CA with you and your family.  I'm writing you this letter today to let you know that you should really take someone else.  I want someone to speak into your life and tell you that at your age your friends are way more important than any boy is.  You make think he's awesome, but you see there's this friend that you have that will be your friend for years later.

Friends are friends forever, but boyfriends will only last a while.  I want you to know that and truly believe that.  Boyfriends are fun, but realize that your friends will be there for you long after he's gone.

So, as you decide on who to take with you to California, you should rethink taking your boyfriend, and really think about a friend that you can make memories with that will last a lifetime.

Jamie in 2013 that's still friends with the girlfriend that you didn't take.