deaconpiccc1Dear Jamie in 2007,

Life is hard now with two kids under the age of four, but I want to tell you to sit down and savor each moment.  These kids will grow so fast, and although that is such a cliche thing to say, it's so true.

Your life seems sometimes purposeless now, but don't believe that lie.  You are making a big difference in two little boys lives and in a few years, you'll be mommy to four babies and life will for sure get crazy.

Kiss these babies faces every single day, and you might want to get a little book out to write all the funny things they say and do down, because you won't remember any of them and that will make you sad.

Your life at home with them is worth it.  Don't dwell on the laundry, or poopy diapers, or husband on the road, but yet dwell on your babies.  Read more to them.  Walk around the neighborhood more with them.  Make pancakes on a Thursday more with them.

Cherish those babies, because soon this baby will be 8 and you won't remember those funny things he said when he was two.


Jamie in 2013