We are very laid back about hair around here.  For the love I only fix mine about 2x a week, because seriously who has time to fix their hair every day?!?

Deacon has beautiful hair that we've let get crazy big.  He went through a stage where he would pic it out and it was HUGE and FRIZZY, but he loved it, so we didn't care.  Lately he decided he wasn't going to comb it at all, and he had literal dreads in the back.  Story's hair lady suggested I get them out since they weren't put in correctly they could actually cause his hair to break off. You mean not combing your hair ever and rubbing it on your pillow at night doesn't count as correctly putting in dreads?!?  Who knew?!   So we spent hours in the bathtub with deep conditioner getting them all out.   Finally they were all out and his hair was looking awesome!

Over the past few days he kept wanting to cut it.  So …. we let him cut it.  I acted cool on the inside when he came home and told him he was super handsome, but on the inside tears were falling.  Oh I loved his curls.

It's okay, because this is what we do around here.  Cut hair.  Grow hair.  Cut hair.  Grow hair.  It works.  Except for Amos & Story.  Somehow their hair gets cut/fixed more often.

Here are pics for your mourning, um, I mean enjoyment.  I have no clue why he is not smiling.  Maybe Aaron told him to look tough.  Who knows?  He actually loves his new do.  He said his head feels lighter!!!