Fourteen days ago Deacon had his fourth surgery for RRP. Lately we've been doing them about every 8 weeks, but the doctor said it looked so good that we're not having another one for another 12 weeks! I remember when we first learned about Deacon's disease and our world was shaken to the core that day. Just to say the words that my son has a “disease” is hard for me to comprehend. Fortunately for us Deacon's case is not very bad right now and totally controllable.  He totally is a champ at the surgery and I think is getting pretty comfortable with the staff at the surgery center that we go to each time.  We are seeing mostly the same nurses and this time even had the chief of anesthesiology for his surgery.  I felt good knowing that.

The sad thing is that I don't worry much anymore the day of surgery.  It seems to be just another day around our house for us.  The cool thing for Deacon is that he gets macaroni and cheese after each surgery and lots of gatorade and popsicles.  It sure is the little things in life that excite him!

We took the kids to Sea World yesterday and Deacon rode some rides with Aaron that Cayden wouldn't even ride.  I was so proud of him.  On the way home Aaron shared with me what Deacon had told him after one of the rides he had gone on.  He explained that he was brave because he has surgery and that he can do anything and be brave since he has surgery.  I smiled and thought what a brave little boy we have been blessed with.  He is learning that he is a brave kid and that bravery is spilling over into other areas of his life.

I am now thanking God that through his disease he is learning how to be brave.