Tomorrow marks 2 weeks from the night we flew to Orlando to get our son.  I honestly had to look that date up because I thought it was a lot longer ago.  Isn't it weird how sometimes time feels different than it truly is.  On one hand it seems like he's been here for a month and on the other hand I feel like he just showed up yesterday.

We have had lots of good days and in each of those days there are some hard moments.  We expect them and know that they will be there.  Our son has been through a traumatic event and then was picked up out of the only “home” he's ever known and he shows up here.  I get his frustrations.

We are showing lots of love and lots of guidance.  He is such a sweet heart and when you meet him you will know that as well.  I know already that he will want to be the life of the party.  He loves for you to laugh at him.  He dances just to get a chuckle from us and he always does!

Tonight we were praying and he prayed for the first time.  So far he has just wanted to repeat what we say, but tonight he took it and I could hardly hold myself together.  He prayed, “God, thank you for home.”  Oh my word I get tears in my eyes thinking about it all over again.  Thank you for HOME.

Today was the first day that he has really played with the boys.  He has followed them around and jumped in every once in a while, but for the most part he would want to be at either mine or Aaron's feet.  He hasn't been into the “playing” thing for long periods.  Today they played.   It was super cute and I was a proud mom.  I am still having to remind Cayden and Deacon that they need to invite him to play.  They have been a team for the past four years and someone is now invading that.  For the most part they have done great, but sometimes I feel as though Amos is the 3rd wheel.  Today I was so pleased to see them all three playing together and truly enjoying each other.

We took Amos out to eat for the first time today.  Where else would we go, but Chuy's!  That's where Fedna had her first out to eat meal, and Story as well.  We kinda have a theme going here.  He loved it and devoured the rice and beans that we always get for the kids.

Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to the Verge conference for a bit to watch Aaron play and then to do lunch with daddy.  This will be Amos' first time around a big group of people and honestly I'm very nervous.  Sometimes I think he's ready and other times I'm not so sure.  Yesterday someone brought us a meal and their 4.5 year old daughter came in and I thought Amos was going to attack her.  Not in a bad way, but I thought he would smoother her with kisses.  He would not stop hugging and kissing her.  It was weird.  You are saying, oh that is so cute, but to me it isn't.  You see he just met her. Does your child smoother a child they just met with kisses?  We are having to teach Amos boundaries.  He has always had people in and out of of his life that have loved him so much, but we are wanting him to give us all that love.   It's almost as though he doesn't know and/or understand the love that is shared within a family.  Does that make sense?

Amos has fabulous manners.  If we're eating and someone doesn't tell me thank you for something he will call them out on it!  He keeps calling both boys Cayden.  That is cracking me up!  He also keeps calling them his friend.  Our next phrase to work on is brothers and what all that means.

I tell Amos every day that he is my favorite Amos in the whole wide world and that I will never leave him.  He gets to live with us forever and this is home and these are his brothers and sister.  I look forward to the day when he responds to my statements with something that shows me that he gets it.  That he truly gets it.  We are his and he is ours.  We are a family.