So right now I'm smack dab in the middle of day #2 of this cleanse.  I can honestly say that the 6 hours I've been awake have been so much better than the whole day yesterday.

Yesterday was hard.  I thought about food ALL.DAY.LONG and I'm not exaggerating on that one bit.  As I fixed dinner for the kids last night I wanted to finish their plates, lick their forks and clean up the left overs!  As I drove around yesterday I looked at every restaurant and thought about what I would get and how fast I would eat it.  You see people this is not good!

This morning I woke up feeling a tad bit hungry, but nothing out of the ordinary for first thing in the morning.  I drank my 10 oz of lemonade and have felt so good.  I was getting hungry around lunch time so I drank another 10 oz of the lemonade mixture.  I think I'm gonna go for a minimum of 60 oz a day and a max of 80 oz.

Funny thing about telling people you are doing this is that you get 1 of 4 responses from people.

#1 response:  I COULD NEVER DO THAT!

Here's the truth.  I can't either.  I love food just like the next person, but for me this is not only a cleanse, but it's a fast for me to rely on God to get through this.  I have to have him help me or I'm done.  My brother reminded me this morning that Jesus went 40 days without food and I'm pretty sure he was tempted a lot by the devil for food.  Don't forget he was fully human too!

My brother's also doing this, so we've been encouraging each other!

#2 response – I did it before and HATED it!

#3 response – I did it before and LOVED it!

People that have done this before have either loved it or hated it. Some say they felt great the whole time, had more energy, skin cleared up, worked out, lost weight and just felt great.  Others say they did it and hated it.  They were miserable.  No eneergy, tired, hated it.

#4 response – You really shouldn't do this because it isn't healthy for you.

I do agree that doing this for 40 days or more probably wouldn't be healthy for me, but seriously me not eating food for 10 days and only doing the fresh lemons, maple syrup & cayene can't be that bad.  I could stand to go a few days with fasting not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.  I have some fat stored up that could stand to be used to keep me alive!

So, I love your responses and truthfully I don't get offended by any of them.  We all have our opinions!  I love hearing about the fasts/cleansses that you have done as well.  By far the number one response has been …. hey have you heard about this Daniel Fast that I'm doing … yes I have and it sounds great!

Here is something that I recently read:  “The Master Cleanse is designed to allow the body to rest from its usual job of digesting and metabolizing solid food.  The energy the body normally uses for digestion and metabolizing shifts gears and begins cleaning out and rejuvenating the body, ridding itself of years of toxins, dead cells, fatty deposits and pollutants.”

“After a few days on the cleanse  you may start to develop a white/yellow film on your tongue, you will probably have bad breath, and your body odor may increase.  These are actually sings that your body is cleansing itself!”

I'll keep you up to date on my progress, but I hope you don't get tired of reading about this cleanse.  It will be over soon!  Anyone else doing a cleanse, fast or detox right now?